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Bodyslam are a 5-four piece band from Thailand that plays Rock/Pop music. The members are: Toon - vocals, guitar Pid - bass Chad - drums Yod - lead guitar Ohm - keyboard/chorus Discography: Bodyslam (9 July 2002) Drive (9 September 2003) Believe (22 April 2005) Save My Life (18 September 2007) Kraam(Thai:คราม, azure) (6 June 2010) The band was once named La-On (Thai ละอ่อน), meaning kids or younger people in Northern dialect of Thai language. Then the six-member band entered a band music competition for high school students "Hot Wave Music Awards" in 1996 and grabbed the top prize out of nearly a hundred bands. The band was quickly signed with Music Bugs label and released a self-titled album in 1997. It is a pop-rock album and is best remembered for a very popular song then Dai Rue Plao (ได้หรือเปล่า). The band members played in a lakorn (means Thai TV series) Thep Niyai Nai Sano (เทพนิยายนายเสนาะ) and involved with soundtracks of the lakorn. A soundtrack album was released in 1997. The band returned in 2002 with the new name Bodyslam due to the shift to heavier rock music. Only three of the original six members remained. Their first album under the new name (also self-titled) was successful. They follow in 2003 with the second album Drive which enjoy equally success. They won Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards for favorite group for the MV Plai Thang. [1] After their second album, the band saw many changes. They left the Music Bug label and signed with Genie Records label of GMM Grammy, Thailand largest label. Ratthapol Pannachet, nicknamed Pao, the guitarist left the band for a solo career (with an album in November 2005). Bodyslam then became a 4 piece band, their long time drummer Chad was finally given an official place on the band roster and now actively appears in MV's, Posters and Album covers while also being credited on the Album sleeves. The 4th member was Yod a guitarist brought in to replace Pao, although not as good as Pao and appearing quite shy, he's become loved by the fans. The bands third album Believe was released in April 2005 and made them one of GMM Grammy's premier bands, they also embarked on a long tour of concerts taking up most of 2005 and some of 06'. They won 4th Fat Awards for Favorite Album and Khwam Chuea as Song of The Year.[2] They released their 4th album "Save my life" on September 15th 2007 with a major concert in Bangkok to follow in early in October. The success of their new CD has brought an even bigger fanbase for Bodyslam and they are one of the most popular bands in Thailand at the moment. They won Season Awards for the best rock group, best rock album Save My Life, and best rock song Yahpid in March 2008. After their release of their fifth album "Kraam" Bodyslam hosted the largest concert in Thailand in November 2010, called "Bodyslam Live in Kraam" This concert was held in the Thai national soccer stadium, or the Rajamangkala National Stadium in which 65,000 fans attended.

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