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Bonny Cepeda (born: Fernando Antonio Cruz Paz) is the first merengue artist to be nominated for a Grammy award, in 1985, and is one of the most successful dance musicians in the Dominican Republic. A former member of Wilfredo Vargas' orchestra, Cepeda has led such groups as Los Hijos del Rey (Sons of the King), Bonny Con Keaton, and Bonny Cepeda & His Orquestra. In addition to recording more than 30 albums on his own, Cepeda has produced recordings by Fernando Villanova, Willie Berrios, El Grupo Chantelle, Grupo Chevi, Proyecto Punto, Sergio Vargas, Rikarena, and Llave Maestra. The son of vocalist Anan Cepeda, and the uncle of multi-instrumentalist Richard Cepeda, Cepeda studied piano at a local music school, Villa Consuelo, as youngster. He continued his studies at the National Conservatory in Santo Domingo. Retrieved from ""

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