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Houston based rap group led by Slim Thug. Originally having started as a collaboration album between Slim Thug and fellow Houston rapper E.S.G., Thug later took the name of the collaboration project and started his own group of rappers who first premiered with their 2004 release, Boyz-N-Blue, a 2-disc set that they released through their own independent label of the same name. Later in 2006, the Boss Hogg Outlawz signed a deal with Koch Records (later known as E1 Music) to release their proper debut album, Serve & Collect. During this time the group consisted of Thug, Sir Daily, Young Black, PJ, Killa Kyleon, Rob Smallz, J-Dawg, and C-Ward. In 2008 the group released their follow up album, Back By Blockular Demand: Serve & Collect II. During the recording of the groups third album, Serve & Collect III, founding members Killa Kyleon and Chris Ward left the group for unknown reasons. Currently, the group stands as Slim Thug, J-Dawg, Sir Daily, Young Black, PJ, and now Lil' Ray, Dre Day, L.E.$ and Young Von.

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