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Bostich biography

Bostich (born Ramon Amezcua) is a member of a Mexican Techno / Norteño group called Nortec Collective releasing works from 1999 on. He first started releasing material under the name Bostich in 1988 while living in Tijuana, Mexico. The music he creates resembles ambient Techno electronica. In 1999 Pepe Mogt (often known as Fussible) and Bostich decided to work with other artists and instruments to bring a new mustical style from Tijuana that would reflect the scenes dance/electro culture. Bostich finally created a track titled 'Polaris' which has been released on Nortec Collective's Tijuana session vol. 1. They are also known as Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich+Fussible. They are signed to mil records (

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