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Botch biography

With polyrhythmic guitar stylings, raw vocals, progressive song structures, and a unique sound, Botch were prominent in the underground metalcore scene from 1993 until 2002. In May 1998, the four-piece from Tacoma, Washington released their first album, American Nervoso. On November 30, 1999, Hydra Head released Botch's We Are The Romans. Since its initial release, bands have been influenced by its style, creating, to many, what is now called mathcore. Recently, Hydra Head Records has released Unifying Themes Redux, an anthology of EPs and compilation tracks as well as a few unreleased tracks and a live set that was originally released by Excursion Records. In addition to this, on December 5 Hydra Head released 061502, a CD/DVD of Botch's final show. American Nervoso was remastered and re-released in July 2007. The new version included four demo tracks and an extended version of Spitting Black. In September 2007 Hydra Head released a deluxe edition of We Are the Romans featuring two discs; the first being the actual album, and the second filled with seven demos from the album and four live tracks. Since their break-up in 2002, members have gone on to take part in bands such as Minus The Bear, These Arms Are Snakes, Roy, and Russian Circles. After a long hiatus, singer Dave Verellen has recently returned to the scene with Narrows. Botch was: Dave Verellen (vocals) Brian Cook (bass) Dave Knudson (guitar) Tim Latona (drums)

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