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BOTTOM is a stoner rock metal band currently from San Francisco, California, formed in 1998 in New York City, Lower East Side. Sina, the band's frontwoman, was also co-founder and singer of the all female Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepparella. Bottom was a regular support act at CBGB's in the late 90's and has also been featured in two books – The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal and the A to Z of Doom, Gothic & Stoner Metal – both published in 2003. Originally from New York City, Bottom is one of bands that regularly played the New York "Dosage" nights at the East Village club Continental which helped coin the term "Stoner rock" when featured in an High Times Magazine article by journalist Bobby Black. History Bottom was founded by guitarist Sina, drummer Clementine and bassist Nila. Up to 2004, Bottom was largely a touring band, known for their marathon tour schedules. Bottom’s “Made in Voyage” tour spanned from February 11 to December 24 in which the band played daily with a day of every 20-40 days. Bottom also played the six week summer Van’s Warped Tour in 2000 during the day, while simultaneously headlining their “Feels So Good When You’re Gone” club tour at night. In 2002, Bottom toured Europe, hitting twenty-three countries in forty days. The band's debut album Made In Voyage was released on Mudflap Records NYC, and released later on Man's Ruin Records. Made in Voyage, was recorded in NYC, produced by Greg Gordon (engineer for Slayer, Helmet, and Public Enemy) and released in 1999 on the band's label Mudflap Records. In 2000, Bottom's second LP, Feels So Good When You're Gone, was also co-produced by Billy Anderson. Originally release in 2001 on artist Frank Kozik's label Man's Ruin Records, then re-issued by Lee Dorian's (Cathedral) UK label Rise Above Records/UK. The band's next album, 2005's Your’Next, was written in three days in a live studio session at GetReel Studios in San Francisco. The album was produced by Sina and BOTTOM and released in February of 2005 as the group was about to go on another marathon tour. In 2006, Bottom had a line up change and Kevin Hardicus (bass) and Chris C (drums) joined the band as the new rhythm section. Kevin Swartz (drum) would soon take over the battery position to make the current Bottom lineup. Bottom is lead by guitarist and front-woman, Sina, a volume-addicted songwriter, mosh-head with monster riffs and guitar work. Moving to NYC to pursue art in 1992 as a studio assistant for Gorilla Girl- leader Mary Beth Edelson, the Chicago native played in the NYC Lower East Side bands Wanna, Racer17 and Speed-doe while also working as Studio Manager for The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio (Loho Studios). Sina is also guest vocalist on random projects such as MojoJelly and Toilet Boys. Sina's recent projects include vocals for deathmetal band Angrböda, video editing, event production as well as co-founding member of the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute, Zepparella. BOTTOM's rhythm section currently consists of bassist, Kevn Hardicus and drummer, Kevin Swartz. BOTTOM's has toured extensively from Vancouver to Croatia, sharing stages with hundreds of rock-outfits including: AFI, AlabamaThunderPussy, AlienAntFarm, AcidKing, Action Daddy (ex-Crash Worship), Backyard Babies, BellRays, Black Halos, Blessing the Hogs, Buzzov*n, Buckcherry, Cannibal Corps, Candy Snatchers, Crisis, Converge, Cosmic Psychos, Cutthroats-9 (ex-unsane), Doro, Electric Wizard, The Fall, Everlast, Drivin'n'Cryin', Goatwhore, H2O, Hank Williams Jr. III, Heroine Sheiks, High On Fire, HonkyToast, Hirax, Jucifer, Joey Ramone and the Independents, Leadfoot, Lenny Kaye, Los Natas, Las Cruces, Ludicra, Lunachicks, Nashville Pussy, Nile, Mastodon, Mike Watt, Misfits, Monster Magnet, Murphy's Law, Nebula, Pansy Divison, PigmyLoveCircus (w/ Danny Carey), men of PORN, Raging Slab, Rancid, Rollins Band, Sister Sin, Speedealer, Spirit Caravan, Suicide Kings, Step Kings, 60 Watt Shaman, 311, Toilet Boys, Thrones, Trouble, and WisdomTooth The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Unida, YOB, Zeke and more.

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