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Bounty biography

There is more than one artist with the name BOUNTY: 1) Bounty is an American instrumental group with 6 albums. The first self-titled album was recorded in 1976 and released in 1981, a classic recording that can be loosely compared to contemporaries such as Cartoon, Happy the Man and Pocket Orchestra. The core members are Steve Hartman (keyboards, percussion, digital manipulations) and Alan Mintz (guitars, bass, Chapman Stick, lap steel, guitar synthesizers). The music is diverse, heavily focused on melody, and full of shifting styles and themes. The official site is 2) Formed in 2007, BOUNTY is a fairly new Japanese rock band consisting of Aoi on vocals and KAZUYA on guitar. The duo act is comparable to VAMPS in concept, but with an edgier, more pop-rock sound. 3) Nastia Milova & Isabelle Yapi form the Russian pop duet, known as "BOUNTY." The group has existed since 2003, but released their debut single "La La La" in late 2006. BOUNTY sings in English & Russian, but has Latin flavor, French lyrics, and other characteristics that make them stand out. Since forming, the group has performed "La La La" on Russia's large MUZ-TV network, found radio success with their hit track, and in October of 2005, BOUNTY's producer (Dmitry Pluzhnikov) signed a contract with the very large production company "Blestyaschie Productions." BOUNTY has recently recorded their first song in Russian, entitled "Amore Mio." In addition to "La La La," BOUNTY's single contains their other song in English... "Be With You." The future looks good for BOUNTY, which plans to record more songs in English, and Russian. Their debut album hasn't been released yet, but fans are awaiting it with great anticipation.

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