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Box Codax consists of Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand guitarist) and Alexander Ragnew. The band's most recent single release is 'Naked Smile' taken from the album 'Only An Orchard Away'. The style of music they produce is tagged as Experimental, Lo-Fi, Indie, but their music draws from a wide array of influences. The enigma of the international outfit, Box Codax can not be fixed to any specific location and is from no set time frame. Generally very little seems to be known about the existence of Box Codax. It is assumed that Mr.Box & Mr.Cox live in constant, separate solitude, like hobos drifting in the dark. However it is also known that on rare occasions their ways cross, they bump into each other (accompanied by hysterical laughter on the ladies’ part). Triggered by long forgotten musical talents these unexpected clashes are discharged in impulsive live and studio performances, its musically stripped down, raw but intimate style is well documented in their recordings. Their entertaining sonnets tell of inadequate experiences and dreams, stories that lovers tell each other late in the day. Until they finally bid each other farewell and depart in deep streams of silence.

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