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Boxbury Beat is a norwegian synthband that started under the name Zap Zap Music in 1984. The members then was Einar Øverenget (bass guitar and synthesizer programming), Kent Maurstad (giutar), Iver Erling Årva(keyboards) and Helge Hellebust (singer and synthesizer programming.) In 1985 a single was released on EMI. "Never Along With You" on the A-side and "Windows" on the B-side. Iver Erling Årva had then left the band. Not long after the band dissolved. In 2008 Boxbury Beat was contacted by Øystein Moe (Hommage Recorfd). He planned to release a dobbel cd with unrealesed norwegian synthmusic from 1980-88. "Maskindans" (Machine Dance) was released 2009 and Boxbury Beat contributed with "Thunder and Lightning" (Bobby and I). At the releaseparty Boxbury Beat played 2 songs live. In all these years ideas have been lying in the drawer and the members of Boxbury Beat felt that it was time to work out the material and release. So in august 2012 they started to program the ideas once more. This time not on drum machines and synthesizers but on an Ipad. This work continued into 2013 and they hope to release 11 songs within the year. This is 9 old songs and 2 new ones. The band is also playing Live at the "Under Brua Festival" (under the bridge festival in Hamar, Norway on 24th August 2014. Later that year they released a teaser from the forthcoming album called "Special Edition" containing six tracks. On the ninth of February 2015 the long awaited first album of the group was released. The album is just called Boxbury Beat, containing 11 tracks. .............................. Releases: Singles: 1. Never Along With You (7") 1985 Tracklisting: A Never Along With You (3:24) B Windows (3:13) Albums: 1. Special Edition (6 songs from forthcoming album) 100 copies (2014) 2. Boxbury Beat (2015) ........................ Other tracks by the band: 1. Thunder and Lightning (3.55) Released on "Maskindans Norsk Synth 1980-1988" Known demo tracks: 2. Upperwalk (3.59) 3. Chinese Knights (3.58)

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