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Boxcar biography

Boxcar refers to three different bands: 1. An Australian synthpop quartet, formed in 1986 in Brisbane, Australia, most notable for 1990's Vertigo album. Their debut single, "Freemason", was an international club hit reminiscent of New Order. Subsequent singles "Insect" and "Gas Stop" toyed with industrial and house beats. Vertigo was not commercially successful upon release, but is considered by many synthpop fans to be a lost classic of the era. The group recorded only sporadically thereafter, releasing a remix collection, a few singles, and the 1996 album Algorhythm, which did not replicate their modest early success. Although they did not officially split up, they ceased most production and live gigs around 1997. But returned in 2007 to play a live gig in Brisbane. 2. Call it Alt-Country, Americana, or something with a twang, Boxcar's sound is a cumulation of years of American roots music and an open mind to any kind of music that is good. 3. New Jersey, pop- rock band. Late 90's ish?

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