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Boxcutter biography

There are 2 or more artists under the name Boxcutter. 1. Boxcutter - dubstep producer from Northern Ireland (aka Barry Lynn) 2. Boxcutter - rapcore/hardcore rap group from Pennsylvania, US 1) A dubstep producer from Northern Ireland. Pretty much the sole torch-carrier for the Irish dubstep scene, Barry Lynn (aka Boxcutter) makes the kind of lead-heavy missives which share the cross-over appeal of Burial or VEX'D, whilst keeping a foot firmly in the more electronically-founded margins of the genre. Lynn is yet another member of the ever-swelling dubstep scene who is willing (and able) to introduce a broader palate of sounds, ensuring the genre continues to flourish and, most crucially, avoid the stagnation so prevalent in anything that gets tagged 'underground'. 2) A rapcore/hardcore group from Pennsylvania, US. Boxcutter came out of nowhere, some guys with some names just bored and wanting to do something a little over the top. Takin the Hardcore that they helped perfect over the years, and mixing it in with some hip-hop that they where raised on. Mad Joe Black comes from a past drenched with Punk and HC, from his first band Feeble, to his time served in Krutch, Out To Win, and now his new baby Wisdom In Chains, Mad Joe always knew how to flow, its natural for him. And his partner in this mess James I$mean, AKA Stickman, from the infamous Fury Of V. Telling it like it is and not giving a fuck goes hand in hand with his name "Those stories you heard son, believe them". James has been working on a new project called one Man Army, Wait til you hear this. With The OG Richie Krutch and Chris M. (Founder Of Mushmouth/OTW) doing the ax work, and the lead man Scientist Mav, followed by Pepi Proof of living Proof. The only thing needed was a solid drummer, thats where Shawn Battle came in, he basically came up with the idea for the band, from there the fun began. BXC put out 2 CD's, on was an EP of left over music from Krutch, the songs couldnt be used because of a contract Krutch had with another label. Cartel Records from Finalnd would release this, so BXC would use these songs to get things started. Eventually the band would write material that fit the bands style more, then Pitbull Ways would come out. the band never took this seriously, is was some shit to get off on for a minute, so take it for what it is...BOXCUTTER.

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