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Charlottetown’s Boxer the Horse is Jeremy Gaudet (guitar/vocals), Andrew Woods (drums), Isaac Neily (keys/guitar) and Richard MacLeod (bass). Would You Please contains 11 new songs co-produced by Two Hours Traffic guitarist Alec O’Hanley and the band and is due out on their hometown label, Collagen Rock Records (The Danks, Mardeen, English Words). In their short time as a band, the four twenty-somethings from Prince Edward Island have already released a self-titled demo and an E.P., The Late Show. On July 13, 2010 they will nationally release their highly anticipated debut full-length, Would You Please. “Alec is one of our good friends and he offered to produce it,” said Jeremy. “He is very particular and patient about getting the right tones. We had a lot of opposite instincts in the studio but we struck a middle ground where we didn’t rush the songs but also didn’t go crazy over every tiny thing.” Together they recorded over many months at the Sonic Temple and Echo Chamber in Halifax and dirty attic in Charlottetown. “It was challenging to make this record while living in PEI. All of the studios we wanted to record at were in Halifax and we’re still in university,” said Jeremy. “The sound of the record wasn’t challenging as we all had similar ideas but the logistics weren’t easy. ” Would You Please showcases the band’s progression towards a more focused sound without sacrificing the sonic diversity that characterized The Late Show. “Chez Boxer (Hotel Song)” puts a modern spin on The Kinks’ signature sound, while “Sketch Me A Glove” channels the honest proto-punk rock of The Modern Lovers. “There are so many great bands in PEI and it really raises the bar. It made us work a lot harder on the record,” said Jeremy. “Outside of the PEI music scene, we are definitely influenced by The Modern Lovers’ honest approach to music, The Kinks’ song writing and the jangly guitars in Pavement’s pop songs.” In support of The Late Show, the Boxer The Horse hit the road with Maritime favourites In-Flight Safety and Dog Day on the 2009 Halifax Pop Explosion Tour, performed at Pop Montreal, NXNE, Halifax Pop Explosion, East Coast Music Awards and the Atlantic Film Festival Closing Gala. They also nabbed four nominations at the 2009 Music PEI Awards. Read more:

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