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Boychild biography

boyChild boyChild was initially inspired to start creating music in the early 90’s when pirate radio was the main source of new and exciting music. Hours would be spent taping and cataloguing these shows on cassettes accompanied by constant aerial tweaking. A chance discovery of a copy of MED (a basic tracker music program) meant that this boy’s life would now follow a different path. After many years locked away studying his craft, boyChild at last settled on his own sound. Described by others as beautiful and melancholic, it is electronic in its construction, but with an organic and human feel to it. With glitching electronic noises working alongside real piano, violin and cello part the result is a unique combination of cold and warm, sad and uplifting. The genre is hard to pin down, and this is deliberate. Influences (but not necessarily sound-a-likes) include modern classical/soundtrack artists such as Craig Armstrong, Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, to electronic artists like Venetian Snares, The Flashbulb and of course The Prodigy, who were a large influence in boyChild’s formative years. A humble studio setup keeps things simple and allows ideas to form quickly and naturally. The technology comes second place to letting a story be told. Each musical project is based around a particular memory, often from childhood.

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