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Boys Boys Boys! is an indie pop band from Perth, Australia which consists of members Jade Foo, Alwyn Nixon Lloyd, Bridget Turner, Mike Murphy, Jerico Wallace and Daniel Grant. After making waves in the Perth music scene with their infectious sound, the band released their debut album Yes through Interia Records in March 2009. According to the band's website: "Boys Boys Boys! were born when a group of girls working in a retro diner decided music was the only way to stop crinkle cut fries and burger grease from coming between them. In a musical scene where being cool is so important Perth now had a troupe of daggy dancing kids to light up stages with their brand of shimmering pop. When their infectious onstage energy had been making waves for a while vocalist Bridget got a call from her mum one day. "You know why Boys Boys Boys! will make it?". Bridget paused for a moment wondering what possible insight her mother could be bringing to the table. "Because you have a mission". A moment's pause turned into a pregnant one. "A mission to make sure people have fun.". Boys Boys Boys! are on a mission to make you smile and make you dance. They aren't afraid to be a little silly, a little daggy...and they are proud of their pure pop sound."

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