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The Boys Brigade was a stellar 6 piece band playing the Toronto punk clubs of the early 1980s. Lead singer, keyboardist and principal song writer Malcolm Burn fronted the band. Their all original initial shows had layers of rhythm and driving bass, and their lyrics, descriptive. A live off-the-floor tape was given to Arthur Fogel by a friend who help arrange for the band open for The Pretenders concert at the CNE in the summer of 1982. Shortly after, the band was signed to Canadian independent label Anthem (for Canada only) and EMI Capitol (for USA)and recorded their first LP with label mate Rush's Geddy Lee behind the boards. The first and only LP released by the band features two hit singles, The Passion Of Love and Melody. However, perhaps their greatest song was Saigon, which sharply depicts the desolation, loneliness and helplessness of the questioned war. Tony Lester guitarist AKA "Tones" [registered TONES ™ in Canada and USA for the independent music releases, left the group after the 1st LP and extensive touring in USA and Canada in 1984. Tones as an independent writer producer has produced 6 independent full CD releases to date(2011) [] Malcolm Burn would leave the group to work as an engineer and understudy for Daniel Lanois at his Grant Avenue Studios, before graduating on to his own projects producing and/or engineering major diverse artists like Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Iggy Pop, Emmylou Harris, Midnight Oil, Hothouse Flowers, Patti Smith, Aaron Neville, The Neville Brothers, Lisa Germano, The Devlins, Marc Cohn, and Blue Rodeo.

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