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Three bands under the same name of Boys Club: 1) The most well known was the duo of Gene Hunt (Eugene Wolfgramm of The Jets) and Joe Pasquale from Minneapolis, Minnesota that had a big hit with "I Remember Holding You" in 1989. They released one album for MCA Records. "I Remember Holding You" was a Top 10 hit, hitting the #8 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Throughout the greater part of Minnesota, Boys Club was also regarded as "Minnesota's version of WHAM!." 2) Boys Club (Guitarist Steve , bassist Todd and Eli on drums) come from MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. They play Killed By Death-type Punk rock. They released a e.p. entitled "This Is My Face" in August 2006, followed by "Girls of Today" single (Douchemaster, 2007), 2-D World e.p. (Bachelor, 2008) & a self titled LP (Three Dimensional Records, 2009). 3) A collaboration between Washington chipmusician ovenrake (Dakota Clark), his friend James Resch, and a full band playing post-rock using Game Boys and live instrumentation. They have released a sole 34-minute-long self-titled track, available for free/name your own price on ovenrake's Bandcamp page.

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