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In 1980 San Francisco was a hotbed of talent both in front of the microphones and behind the scenes. Besides Sylvester, and Two Tons O' Fun, the city was about to launch the careers of Patrick Cowley, Paul Parker, (Frank) Loverde, Lisa, Jo-Lo and Jeanie Tracy. Behind the scenes were d.j. legends Bobby Viteritti, Trip Ringwald, Marty Blecman, Craig Morey, and Bill Motley. In this rich talented climate disc jockey Bill Motley saw an opportunity to form a group that catered to the city's large gay clientele. In his search to form a group he auditioned hundreds of vocalists, both male and female. It was local cabaret singer Cynthia Manley who captured the lead spot. The idea was originally for one 12" single, two tracks of high energy music. Motley, a huge Diana Ross fan, picked two Ashford & Simpson songs to form a medley for the A-side. And for the B-side he wrote a disco drama in four acts. A label was founded to release the two songs and history was ready to be written. When "Remember Me/Ain't No Mountain High Enough" was released America was coming off of the "death to disco" trip. Clubgoers, especially the gay ones, hadn't stopped dancing, it was just that the high energy music of 1978 and 1979 wasn't being produced or released by late 1980 early 1981. Immediately the song took off, Cynthia's gruff vocals propelled the song into the top of the club charts. The B-side was marginally popular, depending on where you partied. The four-act explicit "Cruisin' The Streets" was a snapshot of Castro and Market Streets at sundown. From "Cruisin" to "Rejected" from "The Pick-up" to "Busted" dancers had never heard anything quite like this before.....or since!

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