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Boysetsfire biography

Post-Hardcore band from Newark, Delaware, United States The hardcore, then later post-hardcore, band boysetsfire was founded 1994 in Delaware/USA. One of the main reasons was 'To shake things and change', which basically meant to mosh like lunatics through the rehearsal room. But soon the wish for a change manifests in more and more politically inspired lyrics. Only about a month after their first rehearsal, they played their first gig for friends. This opened the doors for some local club gigs in Newark, and the first demo was recorded shortly after. The band is not in for half done things, so a second demo is released, and a two week long tour booked. Before the first EP "This Crying this Screaming, my voice is born" which came out on Mike Warden's Conquer The World Records as a split album with a band called Jazz Man's Needle in 1996, the name boysetsfire is already quite known in the Hardcore-Scene along the east coast of the United States. 1997 they signed a contract with Initial Records, and record their first full length album "The day the sun went out". Underground Magazines celebrate the newcomer band and especially the vocalist Nathan Gray. In 1999, their initial bassist, Darryl Hyde left the band and is replaced with Rob Avery, who also does all the artwork for the new albums. Also, the second full length album "After the Eulogy" is recorded and released in 2000, and boysetsfire go on Tour with Snapcase and also do the Vans Warped tour. After a short (and unpleasant) stop at Victory Records, the band changes to Wind Up, a sub-label of Sony. There "Tomorrow come today" is released in 2003. After a dispute with Wind up and the following conflict, the band is 'homeless' until 2005, where they move back from the major to the traditional indie label Burning Heart, the label of such bands like The Hives, Refused, Raised Fist and Millencollin. At the same point, Rob Avery left the band and Robert Ehrenbrand (one of their German roadies) joined as the bassist. Through Burning Heart (Europe) and Equal Vision (North-America) the album "The Misery Index: Notes from the plague years" is released in early 2006. boysetsfire announced on July 31st, 2006, that they are retiring. In 2007, they reunited for some shows. Nathan Gray and Josh Latshaw formed a new band called The Casting Out which features only few characteristics of boysetsfire. On October 5th 2010 boysetsfire announced they were playing as a band again and will be touring at the end of the year. As of 2012, bassist Robert Ehrenbrand left BSF and Marc Krupanski joined as the new regular bassist. The latest line-up was: Matt Krupanski (Drums), Josh Latshaw (Guitar), Chad Ivestan (Guitar), Marc Krupanski (Bass), Nathan Gray (Vocals).

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