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Poet, philosopher, warrior-saint... This former Phlegm frontman, some-time photographer, performer, author, activist, collage artist and super-star mental gymnast currently resides in Portland, Oregon--where he enjoys large trees, cheap rent, relentless rain, arthouse films, and indie book stores. Founded Three Sides Of A Circle Productions (3SC) in 2000, responsible for the critically acclaimed Phlegm debut "One Night Stands With Out Of Tune Instruments In A Room With Blue Wallpaper". After Slomoshun fell off, Brad went on to release his solo follow up entitled "Cut Ups Of A Paper Woman" almost entirely produced by Mr. Hamers himself. Guest production on 2 tracks was handled by Nobs. (+1 trk by Just Like Us) (+1 by Slomoshun) 2004 found Mr. Hamers linking up with long time friend Panzah Zandahz(now known as Big Pauper) to create the sonic masterpiece "Two Ton Sloth". After a slew of releases through PZ's Token Recluse imprint, Brad returned to New York as a founding member of the New Police Collective. Mr. Hamers is also responsible for releasing 2 books, a spoken word LP, a handful of Singles, An Art/Poetry Book Series (Only Children) and touring extensively through Europe with PZ/Big Pauper. Brad has recently released a new solo LP: 'Post No Dreams' (Nov.2010) (the last official release of Token Recluse Recordings)... ..& Plans to release a side-project solo LP called 'communiques', a Two Ton Sloth follow up on VHS, another book and an EP with the producer, Frietboer from The Netherlands (together known as Dust On Snow) are all on the horizon. UPDATED DISCOGRAPHY: -Brad Hamers - (Book) Meta4etry (the tear i drank) - published by BurrowsInk 1999/2000? -Phlegm - (EP) Meta4etry (the tear i spit back up) - 3SC 2001 -Phlegm - (LP) One Night Stands With Out Of Tune Instruments In A Room With Blue Wallpaper - 3SC march2002 -Brad Hamers - (Book) Leather Raincoats (+18 other titles) - 3SC 2003 -Brad Hamers - (LP) The Cut-Ups Of A Paper Woman - 3SC dec.2004 /jan.05 -Two Ton Sloth - (Free EP) Two Ton Sloth Loves Broadcast - Token Recluse 2006 -Two Ton Sloth - (7"single) School Play From A Cloud's Left Lung - Token Recluse 2007 -Brad Hamers - (LP) Ligature (spoken word CD) - Token Recluse 2007 -Two Ton Sloth - (Book / Art) Only Children series - Token Recluse 2007 -Two Ton Sloth - (LP) Two Ton Sloth is Brad Hamers & PZ - Token Recluse -jan.2008 -Two Ton Sloth - (Free LP) - Siphoning Dreams - Token Recluse -Dec.09 -Brad Hamers - (Digital Single) Forty&Eight - Token Recluse -June2010 -Dust On Snow (Brad & Frietboer) - (Digi Single) - Without Modern Shoes - NoLabel July2010 -Brad Hamers - (LP) Post No Dreams - Token Recluse -Nov.2010 -Dust On Snow - (EP) - You Were Murdered As A Kid - self-released(Sept.2011) -Brad Hamers - (side-project LP) - Communiques - forthcoming (2012) -Two Ton Sloth - (LP) -(currently untitled)- forthcoming -Cooler Than Cucumbers(Paris)June2012 -Brad Hamers - (Book) Brand Name Yachay - forthcoming (whoknows20whenever-hopefullySOON) Check out Brad and friends at brad's art:

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