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Brad Laner biography The Brad Laner Provisional Timeline For Adultescents 1966 -- born November 6th in Los Angeles, California -- Early immersion in pop music, especially late period Beatles 1972-80 -- learns guitar, piano, drums. starts experimenting with tape recorders -- creates dozens of cassette LPs of songs and sound collages -- forms countless neighborhood bands -- nearly gets killed by an angry mob of kids for trying to play a version of Eno's "Baby's on Fire" at a junior high dance -- In 1979, whilst in 7th grade, gets roped into playing bass in a kid band on TV with The Captain and Tennille. 1981-87 -- forms punk/noise outfit Debt of Nature -- first releases on The Minutemen's New Alliance label and trouble making shows opening for Wall of Voodoo and others -- Later forms Steaming Coils and releases 3 LPs -- Brief stints in other bands such as Blue Daisies, Three Day Stubble, Zurich 1916, Pilgrim State, Vox Pop, Nervous Gender. 1988-1990 -- Joins Savage Republic as Drummer -- Tours the world and makes three Lps with them -- Also brief stints with 17 Pygmies,Fourwaycross and The Sugarplastic 1991-1995 -- Forms Medicine. Signs to Creation in the UK and Def American in the US -- Much world touring, 3 LPs and a handful of EPs plus an appearance as a bar band in "The Crow" before breaking up acrimoniously 1995-2002 -- Forms Electric Company -- Makes 10 LPs in 10 years for American, Island, Tigerbeat6, Planet Mu and others -- Forms Amnesia and makes 2 LPs for Island records -- Forms Lusk with various dudes from Tool and Failure -- makes one grammy nominated LP for Volcano -- Writes and records with Blinker The Star, Furry Things, Juana Molina, Sam Roberts, On, Kid606, Personal Electronics, Vas Deferens Organization, Kraig Grady and many others. 2003 -- Briefly reforms Medicine as a duo with Shannon Lee and puts out one LP and a couple of Eps on Wall of Sound/Astralwerks -- Remixes The Faint -- Gets a tune on HBO's Entourage. 2004-2006 -- With the birth of son Julian, retires from active service for a couple of years -- Meanwhile makes long distance appearances on records by Caribou, Brian Eno and Vetiver -- Scores a couple of crappy movies -- Plays at Arthurfest -- Digital only LP on Ghostly with Christopher Willits as "North Valley Subconscious Orchestra" 2007-2008 -- Signs up with Hometapes and releases first true sol LP of songs, "Neighbor Singing" Co-Produced by Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Brightblack, Lavender Diamond) -- Children thusly rejoice, Women may swoon, Birdies do chortle in the breeze. For now.

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