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Brad Strut is an MC from Melbourne, Australia. He made his name through radio appearances in the early 90s and appeared on early releases from Bias B, Trem and Boney Stoney (Bias B and Brothers Stoney). His debut album "The Authentic" was released in 2001, after which he went on to form the Lyrical Commission with Trem and Bob Balans. LC released their debut "The Stage is Set" in 2002 and followed it up with the "Murderous Metaphors" EP in 2004. Brad released a mixtape "Legendary: The Official Mixtape", in 2006. In June 2007 he released his sophomore LP "Legend: Official". Later in 2008, The Authentic was re-issued and in May 2009 Brad Strut is set to release a new album titled Rejuvenation. Brad has performed sold out shows across Australia, both as a solo artist and part of Lyrical Commission, and represented Australia at Hip Hop Kemp 2006, a massive annual festival held in the Czech Republic.

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