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Brainchild biography

There are at least 6 artists with the name "Brainchild". 1. The exact same group as Circle of Dust. The album "Mindwarp" by "Brainchild" was later re-produced and re-released as "Brainchild" by Circle of Dust. 2. A trance project by Matthias Hoffmann, also known as A.C. Boutsen or Cygnus X. 3. A brass-rock/progressive rock band from UK who released their only album "Healing of the Lunatic Owl" in 1970. 4. An ambient/soundscape project of guitarist Reeves Gabrels 5. A jamband/jazz/funk group from Peoria, Illinois. Their main page can be found at They released their first studio album, One Word, on February 6th, 2009. Their line-up consists of Roy Ponce (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Schultz (Guitar), Brandon Mooberry (Bass, Vocals), and Pony (Drums, Vocals). 6. A piano-driven female duo made up of Judy-Anne Richard and Emmanuelle David. Their influences include Tori Amos, K's Choice, Sarah McLachlan, Queen and Jewel. 7. A trip-hop/instrumental hip hop producer from the UK. Now producing music under the name 'Neroche'. ( 8. A self-proclaimed dystopian rock group from Bellingham, WA. The lineup consists of Tim Mechling, Alexandra Doumas, Sam Chue, Jordan Schaff, and Alex Stoops Sabel. (

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