Braincreator top 20 songs


Braincreator biography

Braincreator - that's a music producer beneath this alias, born in 1989. His passion - music has started in the late 90's, his taste was something like typical commercial dance music, well known on the radio and tv. Later he became fascinated with club music, namely there was some audition on the radio which was broadcasting something like dancecore, trance and house pieces of music. In the 2004 he decided to take control and he met a couple of fellows producing music, he also got to know the Fruity Loops Studio software. In march, 2004 some first dancing pieces of music were created by him, uder Dj Tabriz alias. In 2005 he started producing as Braincreator. In 2005 by the means of some djs acquintance, he learnt how to use club device. His first releases and club shows have started at this time too. Here's some info about his releases

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