Breeze top 20 songs


Breeze biography

There is more than one artists with name Breeze: 1 - The original name for Philadelphia rapper MC Breeze/Joey B. Ellis 2 - Japanese rapcore band. Band members: Sinzi (vocals), Tomoya (rapper), Matsun (guitar), Ta-Ju (bass), Funami (drums), Emil (DJ). Website: & 3 - DJ Breeze, an happy hardcore artist. Website: 4 - Breeze, UK grime mc, member of Roll Deep 5 - Unsigned Hip-Hop/Rap artist from Lagos,Nigeria. 6 - Late 70's Rock Band from Nederlands 7 - Russian post rock band Breeze 8 - Toronto dream pop band of Josh Korody (BELIEFS / Elk), Kyle Connolly (Elk), Shawn Dell (Great Bloomers), Dustin Hawthorne (Hot Hot Heat / Islands) and occasional member Louise Burns (Louise Burns / Gold & Youth). 9 - Serbian band who take part in 2011 national selection for Eurovision Song Contest.

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