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WAS: the youngest ever golden guitar nominee and television veteran with feature stories on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Midday Show, The Today Show etc etc – at such an incredibly young age. At age 11 Brielle was a solo performer in the Schools Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and in the following year she was chosen as Australia's youngest soloist to perform in Youthquake – proceeds going to the Garven Institute for Cancer Research. At age of 12, Brielle signed with LGM Records and started work on her self–titled debut album. January 1998 saw her first single "September's Sweet Child" released through Columbia Sony. Six months later, her first album followed, presenting a music style far beyond her years, then finally the second single "Girl's In Love". 1995 & 1996 saw Brielle performing in successive Darling Harbour Christmas Pageants as a soloist. Despite her age and associated club restrictions Brielle was given the opportunity of live performances in various clubs across the country and at the Club of the Year Awards, resulting in her nomination in 1997 and 1998 for the Australian Entertainment Mo Awards. Brielle was nominated for New Talent of the Year at the 1999 Country Music Awards of Australia, and was the youngest nominee ever for an Australian Golden Guitar Award. Brielle's subsequent television appearances included FEATURE spots on THE MIDDAY SHOW, THE TODAY SHOW, A CURRENT AFFAIR, TODAY TONIGHT, THE 7:30 REPORT, THE BIG BREAKFAST, 11 A.M.,and several news programs as well as the CAROLS IN THE DOMAIN in 1997 which was televised throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Her appearance in THE FAME GAME received wide acclaim for both Brielle's vocal talents and acting ability. U.S. entertainment magazine BILLBOARD noted Brielle as an "ARTIST TO WATCH". Since her invitation in 1999, Brielle has served as an Australia Day Ambassador & was the first performer to sing the National Anthem at the Sydney Olympic Stadium. She has performed before the likes of the NSW Premier, the Lord Mayor, Prime Minister John Howard and U.S. President Bill Clinton. Many of Brielle's performances have assisted a variety of charities and community functions including the Starlight Foundation, the Variety Club Children's Christmas Party, McHappy Day for Ronald McDonald House, Wesley Mission and National Family Day. Proving her versatility as a vocalist, Brielle has amassed experience appearing with such artists as Julie Anthony, James Morrison, Lee Kernaghan and Slim Dusty. Brielle was also a N.S.W. semi-finalist in the 1999 and 2000 Young Australian of the Year Awards. NOW: After earning her stripes the now 21 year old singer songwriter does not conform to the typical organic piano ballads about love lost or love found. ..."there will be no coming second to or running after anyone...NO LOVE SONGS" Brielle steers clear of the comfortable AC Crossover track that has more chance of radio play and takes a risk, builds a song that has a 'gutsy groove' – whilst not trying to take herself too seriously. After all – she is still only 21! With an album to follow that will cement Brielle as an artist with a history, an artist who has been there and done that and come out the Other Side...being herself. This album was done her way, on her terms, with people she chose to write and record with....and makes a point of keeping it Aussie. "I did not see the point right now of jetting overseas to work with international people with the sole intention to try and build a sound and manipulate myself to specifically to appeal to a particular market. I think it is important to establish me as ME first and then if I am lucky enough I will graduate to that level feeling I have earned it rather than done it to simply try and impress the public...I made a point of working with all Aussie producers and musicians – we have world class talent here! On her Hiatus: "I felt I needed to step away after my last label pushed international artists and put me on the shelf...I learnt then after being promised the world that I was on my own" "I was growing up fast and the last thing I needed was to be criticised because all of a sudden I discovered the wider world at 16...something which is completely normal but something that I was still not old enough to understand....." "When I first met Lui, one of the producers on this album, the first thing she asked me was "Who Are You??...I thought 'what a load of crap' I realise that I had no idea who I was at the time. She sent me away to figure it out and it was the best thing that could have forced me to REALLY look at myself...both personally and as an artist. "This album has taken me 2 years to complete – anyone who throws together an album in a matter of months is either extremely talented and knows themselves (and all their own characters) inside out or is a complete bullshit artist and runs with whatever the producer wants to do...that was me when I was 12 not me now at 21" "Serial Thriller was such an example of me and the contradictions that make me. It was written by my producer Clive and Chrissy Amphlett from the Divinyls. Chrissy is such a powerful and unashamedly truthful performer – I have taken so much inspiration from her – read her biography, if it does not inspire you to be true to yourself then nothing will"

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