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Buddha-bar biography

from the liner notes supplied within 'buddah-bar': "Situated just next to one of the most beautiful sites in Paris, the Place de la Concorde, is a very special place unmarked by the passage of time. This exceptional and even mythical spot is the Buddha Bar. The space was inaugurated in 1996 by Raymond Visan and Thierry Begue, and is named after the enormour Buddha, a replica of the Musee Guimet Buddha, commisioned for the site. A very special atmosphere dominates this unique location. Claude Challe and Ravin's music lures their audience into a dreamworld. One just has to sit back and enjoy the ride through this magical universe. The auditor is invited to partake in an ecclectic, initiatory voyage, timeless and without boundaries into an atmosphere where space is filled by beauty, sweetness and love's serenity. The music is for the travellor (sic) whose voyages lead him to discover the mysticisms and rythms of the world. The Buddha Bar is a place which makes one feel good, as it takes its clients on a voyage into the world situated between dreams and reality."

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