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Buena Fe is a Cuban pop music duo, formed in 1999 in the province of Guantánamo[1][2], composed by Israel Rojas Fiel and Yoel Martínez Rodríguez. It has released five studio albums: Déjame entrar (2001); Arsenal (2003); Corazonero (2004); Presagios (2006); and Catalejo (2008). Its name, "Buena Fe", means "Good Faith" in Spanish language. Israel Rojas Fiel, lawyer, and Yoel Martínez Rodríguez, student on a musical career, formed the duo. In November 1999 they made their debut with the song Intimidad. As a result, the Association "Hermanos Saíz" in Guantánamo invited the duo to join them. In 2001 they moved to Havana to record their first album, Déjame entrar (Let me get in in Spanish language). There they joined with the agency Musicuba, of the label EGREM. The music of Buena Fe has a unique sound an excellent compositions. The trova influences are present in all their lyrics, which contain thoughts about the contemporary life, with contemporary sonority, allowing arrangements that makes each song fit in many Cuban genres, with influences from pop and rock. Although the experts include them in the pop genre, according to Israel they make fusion music based in the trova style; and, while having pop tendencies, they use other styles and influences as well, which allows them to present more ellaborate ideas[4]. Also according to Israel, although they don't claim to be a pop band[2], they are not concerned with being classified as such, but however he thinks that they do more than pop music. According to Yoel, they make a fusion using pop music and trova, besides playing with other styles to keep the texts flowing. Also according to Yoel, some say that Buena Fe makes trova if playing with the guitar alone; and makes Cuban pop rock if playing with the band; and this might be true, except for the fact that they also experiment a lot. They try to avoid categories; trying to make prevail the poetry and the venturous verse; trying to wrap it with pop rock sonorities, but with a direct link to what used to be the intelligent songs that was made from the 60s to the 80s in Cuba.

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