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Burufunk biography

In the late 1990s, one man's passion for electronic music spawned his first record release - 'Freedom' - released on Kloud 9 Music, and Burufunk's sound and image began heading in the direction he had envisioned. With his tidily composed, cleverly arranged beats now in place, and the release of 'Welcome to the Real World', 'NAPZZZ' was out on the shelves, and Burufunk began his journey as a respected name in the progressive breaks movement. He remixed 'Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)' by BT, who after listening to the finished product, stated "When I finally listened to it, I was absolutely knocked sideways!" Burufunk continued to work with other notable artists such as Deepsky and DJ Icey, and set forth an everlasting reputation as possessing a unique sound, mixed with sheer emotion in an ever-changing dance scene. As of 2006, Burufunk shows no signs of letting his talent become a mere memory relegated to the past. The REAL movement has just begun as his mind-boggling beats gain more recognition and the music behind the name becomes ever-apparent. Listen as the brilliantly twisted array of beats and breaks collectively unfold within your ears.

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