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they are at least three bands by the name of By All Means 1. By All Means were an R&B/soul trio consisting of Billy Sheppard, Jimmy Varner & Lynn Roderick. They released 3 albums during the late 80's/early 90's. 2. By All Means consists out of five members who share the same view when it comes to playing music: melodic metalcore with heavy breakdowns . they started playing together in March 2006, searching a sound that would fit them. Although defining themselves as metalcore, they are still constantly learning about music and hoping that one unique sound that every band so eagerly wants. Bands that they consider to be there main influences are As I Lay Dying, I Killed The Prom Queen, August Burns Red and so on. They have shared the stage with: Madball (usa), Caliban (ger), Have Heart (usa), Six Ft Ditch (uk), Heresy Of Thieves (uk), Morda, Rafflesia, Sparkle Of Hope, Ashema, Moker and many other bands. 3. By all means were a highly political DIY harcore band from 90' hailing from Modena in Italy and were part of the La Scintilla squat scene. They release 2 LP's, Blind side in 1993 on Green Records and fino a qui....tutto bene in 1999 on Biba records. Right after the release of their 2nd LP they made a successful american tour with Avail and following that tour they broke up.

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