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Bye Bye Bicycle was formed on the west coast of Sweden, and in the beginning no one in the band took the project seriously. But the chemistry was real and it soon became apparent that Bye Bye Bicycle had potential. The group relocated to Gothenburg in 2007 to pursue their music full time. The origin of the band name "Bye Bye Bicycle" is not certain but some of the band says it's from a great bicycle robbery. Others claim it's because they detest stupid "the" bands. The band has never changed members, this is the impact of the band, their strength in a way. Because Bye Bye Bicycle has always been a strictly "members only" when it has been about the making of the music. No one get's into the band. However since they found themself abit short of hands during live gigs they let in the good friend Nicklas Wennergren From the band "Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck", as a piano and percussion stand in. Otherwise everything is just as normal in the world of Bye Bye Bicycle, the ambitions is as always skyhigh, and the members has always been waiting for perfect songs before making their debut album! So their own expectations about upcoming debut album "compass" are high by nature. In summer 2008 Bye Bye Bicycle's debut "compass" are sailing out of Gothenburg port. Time will tell where it all goes, but one thing is for certain, this one is not a sinking ship!

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