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Byob biography

..New british, mp3, 1988, Croydon, extra safe condom, ,Whirley gig, logic 8, the shoes that are my best, happy juice, dominator synth, Skint-Loaded, Kate Nash, Apple, whys everything bad so good for me, 1 coat emultion, Larry David, rolling tobacco, accapella bands, fuck you very much, 40 pence bus fair, if they dont listen just make more noise , bromance, you dont pick your friends, nurishment, BASS, whys everything good so bad, Dirty, absynth shots, bad impressions always last longer, ASM, peanut butter on a spoon, dj yoda, sangsom, dean, if i cant be perfect whats the point trying, 64, mummy, the tiger, 1 wood, why not? 6am, Marilyn Monroe, Ford Fiesta, Thundercats , nosebleed, what were YOU like when you were younger?, divorce, out to play, jimmy Hendrix, the day when everyone likes me is the day ive failed, mandy,French toast, snow angels, Lada copina, white rabbit, any1 can sing a song, iPhone, dnb, dub step, you might never drink never smoke and you wont live for ever.......but it will fucking feel like it!

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