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Byproduct biography

There are at least four different artists producing under the name "Byproduct": 1. Electronic / computer game music (Juhana Honkanen): He started producing under the name Byproduct in 2003, has published three albums (Illusory Landscapes 2005, Organisms 2009, New Past 2011), composed for various projects, and played live gigs since 2005. 2. Progressive Death/Thrash Metal band (Aaron Abrams / Jos Milles / Jason Abrams / Dave Lange): Formed in 2000 in the USA (Saint Louis, Missouri). They released an album "To Create Rather than Destroy" in 2003 and a self-released EP, titled "Closer to Nothing" in 2006. 3. Electronica (Brett Yarnton): 4. The experimental solo vehicle of avant-pop multi-instrumentalist Dylan Thomas Walter.

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