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Byzanite biography

Byzanite began after going solo from an experimental electronic duo in early 2009. The name Byzanite came from him scrolling through a friend's Myspace page in 2007 and misreading the word "Byzantine", it was in his head that whether 'Byzanite' was a word or not, it would make a great name for an electronic artist. Starting from the bottom of the chipmusic community, Byzanite soon made a name for himself with a fast paced, euphoric & melodic "4 to the floor" style which has derivative elements of hardstyle, trance, dubstep & house just to name a few. His most popular chiptune songs among the 8bitcollective community include "Homebase", "Washout", "Jay The Milfhunter" & more. In December 2010, Byzanite released a free 4 track EP with Babycakes Clothing which was soon to be followed with his first sold album entitled 'Enigma' (via iTunes, Bandcamp). After the release of Enigma, Byzanite began to produce other genres using elements of chiptune as a way to ease listeners of those genres into chipmusic. After the many other artists in the chipmusic scene that have done this, then completely dropped the chiptune elements, people have raised suspicion that Byzanite was set to do the same. He is still releasing many songs of the Dubstep genre with chiptune elements and is set to be releasing a new fully chiptune EP soon. He is also promoting his music through doing dubstep synth tutorials for NI Massive on Youtube (one of which was featured on In the 3 years that Byzanite has been making music, he has had songs played by BBC Radio Wales' Adam Walton & BBC Radio 1's Jen Long and is still yet to play a show outside of the UK.

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