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C-base biography

In 1993 launched the then 17-year-old Sebastian Schäch his first attempts as a DJ on smaller parties, youth events and birthday celebrations. By reaching the age in 1994, followed the first successful experiences before larger audiences. The regional breakthrough came DJ C-Base in subsequent years as a resident DJ event of a known company (KBS Sound & Light), where he was every weekend for the musical accompaniment was responsible. In his 8-year career as a DJ for the company KBS on large events and many events he could experience and important contacts. In parallel, began DJ C-Base also were already in various Bavarian discos hang up until the year 2001, the famous disco Greater Break Out (today Exit66) Schweitenkirchen to the young talent carefully. From that moment it went to the DJ career of the learned merchant bank steeply upward. Three years, he was every Saturday at the turntables in the Break Out 2DAY and on radio or radio to hear live Galaxy. At the same time, more commitment came as a resident DJ in the metropolitan area known Bavarian discos (Universe / Wasserburg, Kingdom Parc / Mühldorf, Bali / Eggenfelden, etc.). In 2003 followed several appearances on radio (including Blutonium Night Club / Welle1) and Bookings in Austria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Through the many years of experience in clubs, discos and on major events has DJ C-Base through a diversified music from all areas of knowledge and the ability, with its dynamic moderation quantity regularly to the end enthusiasm. Thus, the DJ career in 2004 in a successful Fortstetzung followed both appearances in Ibiza, in the exhibition center of Salzburg (with Phats & Small, Tom Novy, etc.) and for Radio Galaxy Ingolstadt and DJ gigs at the Dream Ship Enterprise in Deggendorf or the Beach Club at Starnberg Berger marina. In collaboration with the Munich studio F228 and DJ Marc Aurel finally started in the years 2003/2004, the first own production. The single "Trust your eyes" after the completion of the remixes (Alex Megane and Bonito & Trooper) in November 2004 on the dance label BE52-Records. The distribution Acquires Dance All Day.

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