C-bool top 20 songs


C-bool biography

Grzegorz Cebula (C-Bool) one of the most famous polish wixa DJs. Born in small city in Silesia, Poland - Pyskowice 30.05.1981. His fascination with music started in elementary school, when his parents gave him his first synthesizer YAMAHA... Discography: 2005 Productions C-BooL - House Baby 2004 Productions C-BooL – In My Heart C-BooL – Would U Feel (Flash Music) Remixes: Hyperavers – Rain (C-BooL Remix) MBrother - What (Fuck It) (C-BooL Remix) 2003 Productions Casteam – Holiday Time (Hit’n’Hot Music) Casteam – Check This One (Hit’n’Hot Music) BasseBeats – Take Me Away (Casteam Remix) Hyperavers – In My House (Casteam Remix) KlubbMastaz – The Hope (C-BooL Remix) Mix Masters – Noch Da (Casteam Remix)

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