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C-drone-defect biography

"Marc Horstmeier started C-DRONE-DEFECT in 2000 and signed a contract with Synthetic Symphony/SPV. In 2001 the first album Neural Dysorder Syndrome was released. The feedback to this release was all the way positive and made a good position in the DAC (german alternative charts). 2003 CDD came in contact with NoiTekk and signed a contract for the second album NEMESIS. Daniel Myer (Haujobb) was enlisted for the mixing and the mastering. Musically and thematically NEMESIS deals consequently with what is implicated in the name C-Drone-Defect. The examination of members of modern society; want to vs. have to; the reflecting and the consuming; ambivalent behaviour of philistine bigots vs. analytic ego-concentration." Taken directly from C-Drone-Defect's MySpace profile: http://www.myspace.com/cdronedefect

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