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C-lim is a working rap artist who has appeared in six movies including the Wayans brothers Dance flick he has appeared in five television shows including the hits Cold case, Numbers and The forgotten staring Christian Slater. C-lim is on more than 70 albums. His recent credits include landing a role in Mike Epps new pilot, The Unsuccessful Thug. You might remember Epps in the movie, Next Friday or Resident Evil. C-lim has also done extra work on a Brand Jordan commercial. C-lim is on MAC DRE’S Pill Clinton album, Brotha lynch hungs Dinner and a movie album and C-lim stars in the West Coast Factors DVD now instores. C-lim is also on the Black Armor Records compilation “Who put sac on the map 2″ featuring C-bo and X-Raided and the “Live from da gutter soundtrack” featuring platinum recording artist’s The Game, Kurupt & Daz, Baby Bash and more. Other credits include Dj Vlad presents C-lim and Mac Tae’s All black everything mixtape and Hot n Here 2 mix tape. Dj Vlad was nominated best reggae Dj at the 2k2 mixtape awards. C-lim is also on Murder Dog presents Sac Kingz, X-Raided’s The Sac of indo project and the Cali Factorz compilation. Among his music video credits are Tech N9ne’s KC Tea video, Brotha lynch hungs Colostomy Bag, X factors Alexandra burke featuring Flo rida Bad boys ,Ushers love in this club featuring young jeezy ,Lil Flips “What it do” starring Mannie Fresh. C-lim has also had commercials running on B.E.T. and The Box Television and has made appearances on Bonefly Entertainment Television and on the real videos. C-lim has appeared in the Black Market Film’s movie Greedy, Hitworks behind the scenes A recording studio gone wild,The murder show and Live from the gutter. In addition to his film and record work C-lim has modeled for Bossalini, Hardtimes and Rogish clothing and makes annual appearances at the Magic convention in Las Vegas N.V. to network and promote Bossalini clothing. C-lim Recently receivied a letter of recommendation from Bossalini Clothing for the sufficient work he has done and is recommended as a work for hire by Bossalini clothing’s C.E.O. Gene Steptoe. C-lim has toured radio, retail stores and venues throughout the west coast opening concerts for Too Short, Jay Tee, Marvaless, Rbl Posse, The Federation, and Yukmouth to name a few He was also apart of Tech N9nes successful Strange days tour performing with Brotha lynch hung and Tech N9ne. He has had print ads, interviews and reviews in XXL, Murder Dog , Rap Pages, Relic, The illtip, Showcase and Xplosive magazines. C-lim is also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) -Flat arrow publishing- and has been since 1999. In 2000 he signed with Diamond Life Entertainment/K-Tel and released two singles from his debut album “What dat N like” the hits Killa Cali and Throwing up the Deuce. Killa Cali featured platinum recording artist Bad Azz of the Dogg Pound and Big Syke of 2 Pac’s Thug life. His second single Throwing up the deuce featured Houstan texan Lil Keke. In 2002 C-lim started his own record labEL Northstar Ntertainment and obtained City Hall distribution. He released his sophmore album under his AKA Slim Loc 1 and named the album “Spoils of War”. Shortly after C-lim signed female recording artist Lexxo. In 2005 c-lim released his 3rd album Starwars through a joint venture between Northstar Ntertainment and Black Armor Records with Selecto hits distribution. C-lim has also played a role in the community participating in the November 2005 rally to save Stanley “Tookie” Williams from execution, Tookie the co-founder of the notorious Crips was put to death December 13, 2005. C-lim protested along with Snoop Dogg and Jt the Bigger Figger at San Quentin prison in hope that California’s Governor Schwarzenegger would grant clemancy to Stanley “Tookie” Williams the author of children’s books and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. C-lim made channel CBS 13 and UPN 31 news December 12th in an exclusive interview with reporters about a possilbe Gang uprising and any Crip retaliation in the event of Tookie’s death. C-lim sent a positive message and set the media and public at ease. C-lim is on Brotha lynch hungs strange music release Dinner and a Movie along with Tech n9ne Snoop Dogg and more you can order at strangemusicinc.net. Currently, C-lim is working on a record with Brotha Lynch Hung called Season of da Crip “possessed”, and he is also on Lynch’s dvd, The Ripgut collection in stores now. C-lim has also formed a group called GAAM which stands for Gat and a Mask and will introduce his alter ego Rip Skin geared towards the juggalos c-lim is a self proclaimed Cuzzalo a form of juggalo that represents crips and wears masks instead of the paint paying homage to the juggalos cuzzalos have the juggalos back to the fullest! c-lim is also working on a group album with Lil Danger called banged out “bang status” and has a catalog of mixtapes out he is also writing a book and plans on releasing his artist Lexxo’s record soon. C-lim would like to launch his own clothing line open a fashion chain and a barber shop and would like to produce movies. you can order c-lim product at www.realclim.com

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