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C-mone biography

C-Mone states that one of her earliest memories is being 3 years old, singing and dancing constantly around the house and outside on the street for the neighbours and other kids. During her childhood C-Mone loved reading, dancing and performing. When in her teen years she was shy but still took part in school performances. At 16 C-Mone was taken to the Community Recording Studio/CRS by a friend to take part in a singing workshop - "I was really interested in getting into the music business - a adamant 6 year old Simone had vowed " I'll never be the artist mate! I'll be the a manager cause I don't wanna be treated like a peace of meat! I guess i'll try and do some buisness, make music and avoid the other". Through going to the studio she meet artist Manager Big Trev, engineer Courtney Rose and producer / singer songwriter Nick Stezz - C-Mone then chilled in the studio for a year doing a bit of sound engineering, song writing and voluntary work. Once C-Mone started writing songs it got deep,"I was writing about seven songs a week - a recognised song writer in the studio I wrote for singers, but wanted to push the lyrical". In 1997 she saw some guys in a cipher, being a tomboy C-Mone saw the ultimate lyrical challenge and part feminist quest, "I've been rhyming since". C-Mone Spent 4 years in outdaviille 1997- 2002 appearing on records and performed around the country. Being 21 C-Mone decided it was time to step up, go to a next level - solo femcee land. 2002 was spent writing, concepting, growing, performing and recording tracks - 2003 flyering, promoting, featuring and giging the songs on vol 1 & 2 DJ only sampler CDs she had compiled and distributed throughout the UK Hip Hop scene. Through these sampler CD's she was noticed by a London based indie label and in 2003 the debut solo E.P self entitled C-MONE released on Son Records. C-MONE the 4 track E.P was "a honest look at life though the eyes of me, my feelings, experiences, experiences of close ones, points of view, values, etc..." released on Son Records Autumn 2003 received a great response from the underground scene. In 2004 C-Mone set up her own independent record label 'Dark Whisper Records' partly funded by the NES, the labels first release was a white label 12" called 'Default' a 3 track EP that featured Lee Ramsay, Scorzayzee and Cappo. That year also saw her release her first (solo) video filmed for the CD single 'Stan Back' played on MTV Base and Channel U. In 2005 MC C-Mone was crowned 'BEST Female MC' at the Lyric Pad UK Hip Hop Awards, featured on The Streets album ' A Grand Don't Come For Free'. The video and single for the track 'Second after Second' was released in winter 2005. In 2006 C-Mone released her debut album 'The Butterfly Effect' and it received critical acclaim from across the board (see review section), the album also made the Mercury Music Prize long list. In 2006 C-Mone recorded with Moorecheeba and then recorded with another legendary dance outfit Groove Armada' on their side project 'Sugar Daddy', their album entitled 'It's good to get high with the wife' featured a C-Mone & Jack Splash (Plant Life) collaboration and production from, Tim Hutton and Tom Findlay. This album was released Autumn 2006. In November 2006 C-Mone featured on Ed 209's Ep Stay Exstatic, performing the track 'Great Gods'. In 2007 the video and single for the album track 'Catch Me if You Can' was released. For two years 2007-2009 C-Mone managed the Robin Hood Chase Festival, a grassroots mini arts festival that took place in St Anns, Nottingham for two summers. In 2008 C-Mone featured on Baby J's album 'Baby Food' (Oct 2008) and released a solo track 'Bleed' (Dec 2008), 'Bleed' was a track taken form the project 'C-Mone vs The Indie Boys- The Mixtape'. In 2009 C-Mone featured on alternative/folk artist Colin Mounsey's beautiful album 'Let Love Win' (DWR/Itunes March 2009) and Endemic's fantastic Cross Atlantic Underground Hip Hop album 'Terminal Illness' (No Cure Records/EMI March 2009). 2009 also saw the release of C-Mone's first mixtape 'C-Mone Vs The Indie Boys', this was released via her own indie record label Dark Whisper Records in March 2009. 'C-Mone Vs The Indie Boys - The Mixtape' is a fusion of two musics- produced by Nick stez it features virtual collaborations, remixes, the building/remaking of tracks, acoustic remixes, sampling and original music.

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