C-real top 20 songs


C-real biography

There appears to be more than one artist on this page other than K-Pop group C-Real. C-REAL (씨리얼) is produced by N.A.P Entertainment and consists of five girls: Chemi (Kim Young Won, 18), Lady (Lee Da Hee, 17), Effy (Lee Ji Hoon,17 ), NJay (Jo Yeo Woon, 16), and Leni (Lee Yoo Jin, 15). The members have reportedly been working hard over the course of two years and Representative Choi stated that he was looking for the next young IU, and have been labeling the girls the ’5 IU mini me’s’. All the girls are in high school, except for the youngest member Leni who is in Middle School. C-REAL released a video teaser for their title track “No No No No No” on October 5th which features MBLAQ's Thunder, as well as information about their mini album, ‘Round 1‘ which features 5 songs.

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