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Serouj Baghdassarian AKA Alien DJ AKA C-Rouge was born in Beirut, Lebanon on October 28, 1986 into a musically inclined Armenian family. His childhood environment was filled with sounds and melodies since both his parents were musicians, something that left a tremendous impact on him. At the age of 15, he started DJ-ing at school parties & small events. What began as a hobby soon developed into a full fledged passion and Serouj got involved with music on a full time basis. He first started producing unofficial remixes and eventually took it a step further when in 2004 his Tatus 30 minutes remix was overwhelmingly voted as the winner of Lebanons Radio One Mix-It Competition. This remix was broadcasted on Radio Ones The Maximus Experience show, which also supported him to continue remixing other hit songs such as Limp Bizkits Behind Blue Eyes; Avril Lavignes Knockin on Heavens Door & a bootleg remix of Tiestos Nyana vs. Tatus 30 Minutes Over the past two years, Serouj has been trying to have his own music production to create a unique style of trance music by mixing it with the mellow sounds of the traditional Armenian music instrument the Duduk. His first production Genotrancide, a remake of Ara Gevorgians "Ani"became the number one hit on www.ctgmusic.com website in June 2004 & was featured in that months best trance compilation CD. Serouj does his own marketing over the internet and his production and technical skills are self taught. After producing several remixes his technical experience developed very fast and in a matter of several years managed to produce several other tracks. His latest is Groong, which although unreleased yet, has been exclusively played by the well-known Lebanese DJ Amadeus at various events and on the Lebanese radio station MIX-FMs Rhythm Nation. C-Rouge has recently released his first album "genoTrancide" with the hope of receiving continuous support to pursue his passion for music on a more professional level

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