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C17H19NO3: John Bergin feat. Pam Bricker, Jarboe, Bukeka Shoals. John Bergin is a graphic novel artist and a darkwave musician. Among his musical projects are Paved In Skin, Trust Obey, Tertium Non Data, Blackmouth and C17H19NO3. Paved In Skin was an underground industrial band. The band itself (vox:Patrick McBride, bass:Dustin Blegstad, drums:Joseph Clouder and keys:John Bergin) released an EP entitled "Skin" and an album entitled "Box". Both are out of print. Martin Atkins' (from Pigface) Underground Inc. Records (formerly Invisible Records) released "Off" in 2002, which rounded up most of the tracks from the out of print EP and album, plus live tracks. In 1994, Trust Obey released an album entitled "Fear and Bullets" which was limited to 1500 copies. The copies were distributed with signed and numbered copies of James O'Barr's comic book, The Crow. The music itself was based on and inspired by the comic. As Trust Obey, Bergin was the first act signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records, though the debut album, "Hands of Ash", was never released on the label. After separating from Nothing, Bergin released the album on Fifth Colvmn Records in 1996, with a sticker on the front quoting Reznor: "Not a great commercial potential." In 1999, Invisible Records re-released "Fear and Bullets". The re-release is a reworked version of the original album. It omits two songs from the original version, and replaces them with two new ones. The new album also includes previously unpublished drawings of The Crow by creator, James O'Barr. Tertium Non Data was formed in 1994 as a collaborative side-project between John Bergin and Brett Smith (also from Trust Obey,as well as Caul). The first Tertium Non Data recording was self-released in 1994. It was followed in 1995 by two more self-released collections, "The Vacant Chair" and "Lust". 1999 saw the release of "The Third Is Not Given' (which is the English translation of Tertium Non Data). 2001 saw the release of "Hers Is Blood". In 2000, Bergin and Smith collaborated again, this time with Jarboe, under the name of Blackmouth. The collaboration yielded one self titled album. As a side project from Trust Obey, C17H19NO3 (aka chemical formula for morphine) is a dark ambient music project along the same lines as Lustmord and In Slaughter Natives. The releases were as follows: "He Swallows The Ground" (1994), "Terra Damnata" (1996), "1692 / 2092" (1998) and "Terra Null" (2001). He has also released tracks on compilations under the names Orifice, Lolo and Camouflaged Abominations.

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