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C.a.2k biography

Straight out of Russia comes the energetic stepper, Evgeniy Belov aka C.A.2K. At the young age of 23, C.A.2K was noticed by Russian DJ Gvozd and shortly after C.A.2K’s tunes were being played on the radio, This was a big stepping stone for C.A.2K as it motivated him even more to consistently be found in his lab cooking up some "tekky-distorted bassline" beats. C.A.2K’s tekky twisted dnb, landed him a dj gig at the legendary "Therapy Sessions" night that was held in Russia. Since then he has been travelling across Russia playing several different sized events spreading his infectious sound all across Russia. He has been on 9 cd compilations and has forthcoming releases with one of his favourite producers and influences, Mumblz, from the U.S.A. and Cooh, from Bulgaria, is also a huge influence and mentor for C.A.2k and both have been providing much dj support all across the globe.

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