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Get Caater! No, it’s not a reference to Michael Caine’s cult gangland movie but the latest dance import to hit Europe. Caater have rocketed from zeroes to heroes with their massive hits! Caater is a collection of wild spirits and emotional mayhem. Founded in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, by ex dee-jay Kalle Kukk and studio wizard Markku Tiidumaa, these guys have been hell-bent on creating a hundred different flavours of dance. The driving force is Caater’s explosive techno rhythms and house style dedicated to perfection. It’s dance with urban glamour and rural escapism, a kind of classic Trance embracing Eurodisco. Caater chill the senses with their house atmospherics and bitter tunes of reality in an emerging world that promises the moon. Perhaps that’s why they opted for the space-age name, selected from a distant galaxy formation which has existed longer than our own planet. Live, Caater’s performances aim to prove that you can please all the people all the time. Boasting a collection of go-go dancers and MC Spud the Caater circus is a new emerging sensation of the Baltic Palette. Caater prove to confront the senses with a screamfest of rock and wall-to-wall sounds of computer keyboards, lust and paranoia. It’s a great mix of menacing songs and glorious infusions that control the hidden anger. This is soul angst from the European wastelands conjugating trance in an effortless style that creates unlimited dance beats. Rapidly turning into a national treasure, Caater want to change the collective census from trash-pop to powered dance. It’s getting away from yesterday’s landscape of decline to a celebration of tomorrow, underwritten with a sense of comic tragedy portraying today. No longer content to send postcards from the edge, Kukk and Tiidumaa want to come in from the cold, and turn away from the postindustrial cold-war generation of ’Get Caarter’ espionage and head for the musical whirlpool of success. Get it! Get Caater. Achievements: ”Kuldne Plaat” (Golden Disc) Estonian Music Awards 1999 - album of the year - best dance hit (O SI Nene) - band of the year The previous single ”Dance With You” peaks: # 6 on the Official Finnish Singles Chart # 6 on the Finnish Dance Chart # 1 on the Estonian Dance Chart # 30 on the Scandinavian Dance Chart # 20 on the Norwegian Dance Chart The single “Free My Body” chart peaks: #6 on Finnish Disco Chart #17 on Estonian Top 40 #1 on Estonian Dance Chart #12 on Finnish Dance Chart #20 on Moldova Top International #11 on The Official Finnish Singles Chart The single ”Hold That Sucker Down” peaks: # 5 Finnish Dance Chart # 36 Danish Dance Chart The single "The queen of night" peaks: # 9 on the official Finnish Singles Chart Discography Albums I (1997) II Level (1997) Contact (1998) Freakshow (1998) Space Invasion (1998) Millennium: The Best Of Caater (1999) King Size (2001) Club Space (2002) The Queen of Night (2003) Singles O Si Ne NE (1999) Hold That Sucker Down (2000) Phantom (2000) Dance With You (2000) Free My Body (2001) King Size (2001) Enjoy the Silence (2002) Master Tune (2002) The Queen of Night (2003)

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