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Cab biography

There are at least three artists carrying the moniker Cab: a jazz fusion quintet, a Danish rap artist, and an American pop punk band. 1) CAB are Jazz Fusion with rotating players. Think of this quintet as music's answer to the Justice League, each one endowed with superhero powers and sworn to bring excitement back to the bandstand. Featuring: Tony MacAlpine, electric guitars, keyboards; Bunny Brunel, electric basses, keyboards, percussion loops; Dennis Chambers, drums; Virgil Donati, drums; Brian Auger, B3 organ, keyboards; Patrice Rushen, piano ,Rhodes ,keyboards ;Bernie Torelli, percussion loops. 2) Cab is a rap artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since releasing the demo Fuldendt & Udsendt with partner-in-rhyme Pede B in 2003, Cab has been pushing steadily towards the forefront of the danish underground rap-scene. With his first official release Lydbilleder EP on self-owned BeskidtLyd Records in 2005, he made his mark as a lyrical force to be reckoned with, touching on a range of topics from society issues to ranting on bad emcees. Always putting a heavy emphasis on witty punchlines & metaphors, combined with multi-syllable rhyming, Cab continues to turn heads and put fingers on rewind buttons. 3) CAB is a Pop Punk band from Kennewick Washington. They consist of Micah Dunn on guitar, Michael Doescher on bass, and Tim Thornton on drums. The have release 1 demo featuring 4 songs

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