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There are several bands who share this name. Also, some people listening are listening to mistagged tracks from the musical "Cabaret" by John Kander. If so please fix your tags. - Brazilian band Cabaret hails from Rio de Janeiro, formed after the demise of a previous underground hit called Glamourama. Their sound is heavily influenced by glam rock, also incorporating some Brazilian rock elements. Currently (as of February 2007) the band is comprised of Marvel (vocals), Myself Deluxe (bass), Peter Glitter (guitar) and De la Foca (drums). Cabaret has somewhat of a cult status after their first album, "Cabaret", received a wide span of good reviews from both the alternative and mainstream Brazilian music press. The band is also known for their theatrical live performances, often gaining new fans after energetic performances, specially of underground hits "Messias Pessoal", "Dama da Noite" and "Cadáver no Palco". The band's website is . - The Polish Cabaret was formed in 1997 by two friends: Jarosław Pawlik and Mariusz Radecki. But it is the year 2000, when a new musician - Michał ‘IA’ Bieniek (ex-Noise Gate) - joins CABARET, that can actually be considered the initial date of the band’s conscious artistic activity. It is also then that the band first starts achieving minor triumphs.

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