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Cabas biography

Andrés Mauricio Cabas, or just Cabas (born 7 October 1977) is a Colombian musician. His music, which is slowly gaining popularity, is distinguished by its catchy and Caribbean sounding songs. Cabas released his self-titled album, "Cabas", in 2000, which he hoped to be popular and joyful. It became a huge success in Colombia, where his single Mi Bombón (My Lollipop) lead the charts of radio stations for three consecutive months, earning him a Gold Disc and a double Platinum disc. To boost his success, Cabas begins a tour around Colombia, and reaches out to Venezuela and Ecuador, where he became highly popular among both the young and the old, because of the eclectic mixture of cumbia and rock in his songs. His playful and warm personality can be seen during his performances. In 2002, Cabas began to promote his music in Latin America and the United States, receiving good reviews and even a feature article in the Billboard magazine. Cabas has shared his stage with stars such as Lenny Kravitz in Mexico, and Shakira and Miguel Bosé in Spain. In 2003, his second album Contacto (Contact), redefined his style. Contacto mixed percussion and drums with bass and rock beats, and his first single, La Caderona (The Big-hipped Woman) recalled Mi Bombón's success. Cabas' first music video, from the song Leche (Milk), premiered around this time on MTV Latin America. Other singles such as Bolita de Trapo (Little Ball of Rags) also led the charts in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Cabas has recently been promoting his music in France. His participation in a tribute concert to the legendary musician Carlos Santana increased his exposure. Cabas won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist, the MTV Latin Awards for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Interpretation, and the People's Price and Best Rock Video in the Lo Nuestro Awards. On 2005, Cabas released his third album, Puro Cabas (Pure Cabas), which proved to be yet another huge success. Cabas' first single, La Cadena de Oro (The Gold Locket), was a major hit in Latin America, along with its music video that stayed MTV's top ten for quite a while. This hit was followed immediately by his second single, Increíble (Incredible).

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