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Cabbie started his musical journey back in 1991 buying records as an avid young dj, by 1995 he was taking his cause seriously and left college to start engineering for Bizzy B. from there the studio days took root spending his time learning all there is to know about music technology and soundscapes. in 1997 he started doing radio with the late mc Kendo (rip) on Flex fm, a brief stint on Ruud Awakening in 1997/98 and then onto Kool fm in 1999. He then began collaborations with other artists such as Smokey Joe, Dr.S Gachet, Genotype and Ash Attack. With a few solid releases on Moving Shadow and Slow Motion he left Bizzy B's to set up his own studio in NW London. He is now a skilled and highly experienced music producer / sound engineer, with a wide range of skills covering all aspects of music production. With experience including an in-depth knowledge of state of the art music production tools. He is fluent in both PC (Windows) and MAC (OSX) platforms on which he understands and utilizes the dynamics of sound manipulation to the fullest. With a solid background in both adult and youth music production training, Cabbie is a strong results orientated team player. He reacts well to changing priorities in a time sensitive and pressurized environment, and is able to adapt to new and complex systems and ideas quickly . . . Supporter of the scene on many levels Cabbie has worked in music for 12 years, with jobs ranging from - dj - producer - sound engineer - dub cutting mastering engineer - club sound engineer - system support for Steinberg uk - music tutor in a youth center - to running a record shop 'Vinyl Mania' in Ealing. With over 15 releases under his belt and a huge lineup of releases about to come out on some of the top drum and bass labels, including the awaited Mr Jah and New Style alongside Probe on Brian G's 'Chronic Records' which has been receiving support from djs Such as Andy C, Hype, Randall, Maldini and Vegas BCUK, Hazard, Clipz, Gridlock, Simon Bassline Smith, Jumping Jack Frost and off course Mr Brian G himself to name a few, and the timeless and the function twelve’s that have also been receiving support by many djs including the likes of Goldie, Bailey, Fabio, Shy Fx, and of course the C.E.O. of function, Digital . . . . . . And so Cabbie sets sail on a new horizon, concentrating on building a solid home by getting his 'Pollution' imprint label ready for 2008.

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