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Cabinfever biography

Cabinfever formed in August 2005, in Bottrop, Germany, after already having performed together in a school project, playing cover version of popular songs, where they deciced that music can be so much more to them. The band consists of 5 members: Tim (Bass) , Marius (Guitar), Gerrit (Guitar), Michael (Drums,Background) and Lukas (Vocals, Shouts). Shortly after starting the band project, Cabinfever changed their music style from Pop Rock to Post Hardcore/Emo caused by the personal taste of all of the 5 members. When hearing their songs, the influences of bands like Atreyu, Alesana, Silverstein come clear as Cabinfever combines hard guitar riffs and softer mellow parts in their songs, a mixture of aggresive shouting and clean parts. In October 2006 they decided to record three songs for their first demo EP titled "Abortive Escape Theory", which has been released in early November. But this is not the point to stop, after playing gigs in Cologne, Dortmund, Marl, Oberhausen and even in Belgium more concerts are going to follow. On their tours they have already supported bands like Dividing the Line (UK), Avenues & Silhouettes (ESP) and Callejon. The Band will also record their first Full Length Album, beginning in Spring of 2007 and hopefully it will be available at the beginning of 2008. Stay Tuned!!!

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