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BIOGRAPHY Hailing from the infamous hardcore band Heibel, Cabrón combines a tight driven sound from the 3 Reynders brothers with the powerfull melodic vocals from ex-El Fuse frontman Alejandro Garrido. Formed somewhere around February 2003 by former Triptych drummer Jo Reynders and ex-El Fuse singer Alejandro Garrido, they line up with Jo's brother Erwin on bass to record their first demo by the end of December 2003 at Patrick Delabie’s Studio 195. The song “Your lessons learned” wins them national radio Studio Brussels’ demo poll and they start doing concerts with bands like Atomic Bitchwax (US), Mission of Burma (US), Biffy Clyro (UK), Dozer (DK), Los Natas (ARG)… By the end of February 2005, Erwin and Jo’s younger brother Pé (with whom they had the three piece band Triptych a few years earlier) joins in just when Cabrón gets the attention of full venues at the Magdalenazaal in Brugge and the Muziekodroom in Hasselt where they support Therapy? twice on their European tour. By the end of October 2005, Rock ‘n Roll Radio release their first 10” split EP on vinyl with Los Natas and Cabrón, on which you can hear remixes of their songs “Burden”, “Parascending” and “Backlash” and you can hear what they sound like as a four piece band. Buzzville Records release their Buzzville sampler “Rock ‘n Roll Boulevard vol.1” by the end of 2005, which features Cabróns “Parascending” and bands like Gonzales(US), Generous Maria(SW), Honcho(N), Hulk(B), Monkey 3(CH) and many more… During the winter of 2005-2006 Cabrón heads back to their musical companion Patrick Delabie and his Studio 195 to record their first full CD. Mastered at the Mastering Room in Sweden by veteran Goran Finnberg (Spiritual Beggars, Blind Dog, Generous Maria, The Quill...), the CD is to be released on Buzzville Records by the end of 2006. Meanwhile you can check out Cabrón live at a town near you and have a sonic experience that will shake your booty in a slightly different way then you might be used to. It’s that drive folks, that ever continuing drive… "...driven by full-bodied bass/drums-arrangements..." "…it rocks, and it's already a blast when you see a band give their all and do it convincingly..." "…the band not only benefits from a fuller sound, but also boasts one hell of a solo player…" (Guy's Music Review Site) (LIVE at MaZ/Bruges) "A very tight, concrete, energetic and driven sound, which creates a cross mix between Queens of the Stone Age and AC/DC. Solid rock is what these guys have to offer." (

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