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Humberto Vicente Castagna (born June 11, 1942), better known as Cacho Castaña, is an Argentine singer and actor. Cacho Castaña showed interest for music since his early years; by the age of fourteen, he was a piano teacher. He made his debut in front of a live audience during the late 1960s, which was aired nationally bt Canal 11 (today's Telefe). Castaña became famous as a bolero singer during the decade of the 1970s, with such hits as "Lo Llaman el Matador" ("He's Nicknamed The Killer") and "Hay que Encontrar al Ladron" ("The Robber Must be Found"). He is much better known, however, for his contributions to tango music: some of his tango songs are considered classcs by his fans, such as "Garganta de Arena" ("Sand Throat", a homage to Roberto Goyeneche), "Tita de Buenos Aires", ("Tita From Buenos Aires", dedicated to Tita Merello), and "Café la Humedad". In 2004, Castaña made a cameo on the popular Argentine telenovela, Los Roldán. Castaña is still active on Argentina's festival circuit; in the 2008 edition of the Villa María festival, he came on right after Mercedes Sosa, to great acclaim.

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